Where On The Body Should You Apply CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be used in different forms. Some of these forms include vapes, tinctures, edibles, and topicals. The topicals can either be creams, lotions, or balms. They can be applied to every body part, and their effects will still be felt. Some areas where they can be applied include; the shoulders, fingers, and feet.

CBD oil is part of people\’s lives through its benefits to the body. Some people prefer using CBD oil because they are not psychoactive and has fewer amounts of THC in them. The hype surrounding CBD has prompted people to inquire about the different areas in which CBD oil can be applied. They can be applied anywhere on the body. This is because the body has an endocannabinoid system with receptors in various parts of the body that assist in interacting with the CBD oil and ensuring that it regulates its functions.

What Is CBD Oil?

According to VanDolah et al. (2019), CBD oil is an active chemical compound in the cannabis plant. Some people associate it with the THC compound because they are both from the cannabis plant. However, No Cap Hemp Co THC blunts does not have the psychoactive ingredient; if they do, they are in very small amounts.

Types of CBD Oil

CBD oil exists in three different types. They include;

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil has all the components of the cannabis plant. It also has the presence of the psychoactive ingredient known as THC, which makes one get high.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

It is sometimes seen to be similar to full-spectrum CBD oil. The only difference is that it does not have the presence of THC. However, there may be times that the CBD oil may have traces of THC in it, although they may be in small amounts.

CBD Isolate

According to Attard et al. (2022), CBD Gummy Bears passes through several processes to ensure that all the compounds found in the hemp plant are removed by making it pure. This means it does not have the THC component and thus cannot make anyone high. Some people who use CBD oil do not want to consume anything with THC.

Where to Apply CBD Oil to the Body

According to Mead (2017), CBD oil can be applied to any body part. The body has the presence of the endocannabinoid system. They have several cannabinoid receptors in the body that help in regulating the functions of the body. CBD oil can be applied in the body, and the receptors interact with it, becoming effective. They can be used in different forms. Some forms include; vapes, tinctures, edibles, and topicals. The different forms are effective, even the topical ones.

On the Forehead

The middle of the forehead is the best part to apply CBD oil. This is because it is referred to as the pressure points. Evans (2020) suggested that CBD oil is known for its anti-anxiety properties that assist in reducing stress and anxiety by calming the body and the mind. It must be applied to the middle of the forehead for the CBD oil to be effective. The following steps should be followed;

  • Find the pressure points between the eyebrows
  • Get some drop of the oil on the hand
  • Apply and massage the Buy CBD Oil for some minutes

The Upper Part of the Ear

Like the forehead, the ear is also ideal for applying CBD oil. It is also referred to as the heavenly pressure gate. It is found on the upper tip, which makes the triangle shape. Bostwick (2012) stated that most consumers apply CBD oil to the upper part of the ear to relieve pain. The following steps should be followed when applying it to the upper part of the ear;

  • Find the heaven pressure gate on the upper part of the aer
  • Place some CBD oil on the hand
  • Apply the oil to the upper part of the ear and gently massage the area


According to Cochrane-Snyman et al. (2021), some people that use CBD oil apply it to the shoulder joint to help relieve the pain felt in the joints and the muscles. The tensions that are felt in the muscles are minimized. The study above also stated that CBD assists in removing stress and headaches. one must apply it flexibly for CBD oil to be effective. Some of the ways you can apply the oil on the shoulder part include;

  • Use the finger to pinch the shoulder muscle
  • Place some CBD oil on the hand
  • Apply and massage the CBD oil and try to release the shoulder muscle
  • Repeat the procedure for some minutes


Fingers are also known as the union valley. The fingers can benefit a lot by applying CBD oil to them. CBD oil is applied in the area between the thumb and the index finger. This helps to relieve pain and also helps in healing headaches. Ways of applying the CBD oil on the fingers include;

  • Finding the union valley is the area between the thumb and the index finger.
  • Apply the CBD oil to the area
  • Massage the area applied in a circular motion.

The Feet

The feet are also referred to as the area of the great surge. It is located in the area between the big and second toes. It is mostly on the upper area of the foot. Most times, one feels some stiffness and soreness on the feet. According to Ryz et al. (2017), CBD oil helps alleviate soreness and stiffness. This is possible through the anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation may be caused when harmful substances enter the body and damage the healthy cells, bringing about swollen, sore, and red feet. CBD oil helps in treating and healing such situations. Some of how CBD oil can be applied on the feet include;

  • Getting to know the surge point
  • Applying pressure on the surge point
  • Apply and massage the area in a circular motion
  • Repeat the same process while checking on the stiffness and swelling of the feet.


every part of the body can likely benefit from applying CBD oil. This is made possible through the cannabinoid receptors found in the body. This article also details the steps you need to follow when applying CBD oil to a particular area. The myth that CBD cannot be felt when applied to the skin is therefore false as it is possible to get some effects from it. Apply CBD oil on the index finger and tips to help relieve pain. Apply CBD on the feet if you have inflammatory issues. Use CBD oil to treat headaches and obtain a calming effect. You can apply CBD oil on joints like shoulders and knees to improve flexibility.


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